built on Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection

Sorry, this Javascript puzzle doesn't seem to work in your web browser. Perhaps you have Javascript disabled, or perhaps your browser doesn't provide a feature that the puzzle code requires (such as typed arrays).

Twist layers of the polyhedron to rearrange its coloured facets. Try to make each face a single solid colour.

Click any of the buttons on the faces of the puzzle to make a move. (Left-click and right-click move in opposite directions.) Click the upper-left corner to toggle an 'X-ray' view mode. Click and drag anywhere else to rotate the entire polyhedron to a different angle.

If you have difficulty telling colours apart, press 'C' to toggle text labels.

There are many different puzzle shapes to choose from. Some puzzle configurations include black facets, which don't need to be matched.

Full instructions | Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection | Source code